Stomerij Puur is gespecialiseerd in suède- en leerreiniging

Your clothes will be as good as new after visiting Puur Dry Cleaner’s

Puur Dry Cleaner's offers an extensive and affordable range of services. In addition to clothing, we also clean curtains, bedding and carpets. Our dry cleaner’s also has a clothing repair service. Your clothes will leave us as good as new once again.

If you want something cleaned that is not on this list, please contact us anyway. Chances are that we can still help you.

Have your clothes and curtains steamed at Puur Dry Cleaner’s in Amsterdam Buitenveldert

Various cleaning programmes

At Puur Dry Cleaner’s, we offer 3 different cleaning programmes:

  • Standard programme
  • Vinoy programme
  • Super programme

The standard cleaning programme is already a very good basic cleaning programme that removes many stains and ensures that your clothing is fresh and stain-free. We also offer a Vinoy and super programme. With the Vinoy programme, we treat your clothing with a fluid that makes your clothes moisture and dirt repellent. The super programme consists of an intensive cleaning with Vinoy treatment, stain control and extensive finishing. You’ll also get your clothes back in a cloth garment bag.

Sheet sets and duvets

Puur Dry Cleaner's will ensure that your sheets are beautifully fresh and clean. If you like, we can also iron and fold your bedding. We also clean and fill duvets. 

Suede and leather cleaning

Cleaning leather and suede is a specialist job. It must be done carefully, so that the material remains intact. We always devote extra attention to the cleaning of these materials. We brush and treat suede so that the colour is restored. In addition to cleaning, leather clothes are treated against drying out, as a result of which it becomes shiny and soft once again.

Clothing repairs

A hole in your trousers, loose buttons on your suit jacket or a loose hem on your coat. These are a few examples why you would drop off your clothing for repair. Our seamstresses can fix all your garments.

Carpet cleaner hire

To clean your carpet thoroughly, hire a professional carpet cleaning machine at Puur Dry Cleaner's. Your carpet will look as good as new again after cleaning. This cleaner can also be used to clean your fabric sofa.

Want to leave your carpet cleaning entirely to us? That’s also an option.

Cleaning bridal wear

Your wedding is the best day of your life. In beautiful bridal wear, of course. There’s a good chance your wedding dress or wedding suit won’t make it through your wedding day entirely unscathed. The occasional stain is unavoidable at a celebration. In particular, the bottom of your dress or train has to endure a lot. We take great care in cleaning your delicate wedding clothing, so you can store it clean condition as a lasting memory.

Laundry service

Is your washing machine broken or do you simply not have the time or opportunity to wash yourself? Then use our laundry service. We wash, fold and iron clothes for both individuals and businesses. Contact Puur Dry Cleaner's and ask about the possibilities.

Met de wasservice van Stomerij Puur wordt uw kleding weer helemaal schoon

Collection and delivery service

In the case of some items, bringing and collecting them yourself can be a hassle. Examples include your sofa covers and your curtains. Rugs are also often difficult to transport due to their large size. And you may not always have the opportunity to bring us your clothes and other items. Save time by using our collection and delivery service for your dry cleaning. Please contact us to make an appointment and to discuss the possibilities.

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