Uw kleding weer als nieuw door Stomerij Puur in Amsterdam Buitenveldert
Stomerij Puur maakt uw kleding weer schoon en fris

Your clothes like new again at Puur Dry Cleaner’s in Buitenveldert.

Your clothes so fresh and stain-free that it will feel like you’re taking them out of the closet for the first time. That is the minimum standard of clean at Puur Dry Cleaner’s in Amsterdam Buitenveldert. With our dry cleaning and laundry service, your clothes will look like new again. And all that after no more than 1 working day.

Environmentally-friendly dry cleaner’s

Bring your dirty clothes to Puur Dry Cleaner's in Amsterdam Buitenveldert

Puur (pure) stands for clean. So clean that your clothes will look like new. But pure also stands for sustainability, ecological and a clean environment. In our dry cleaner’s, we use only biodegradable substances.

Quick cleaning
Would you prefer not to bring your favourite coat to the dry cleaner’s, because you would have to be without it a few days? Or have you discovered a stain on your outfit the day before a special occasion? Then bring your garment to Puur Dry Cleaner's. We’ll clean your clothing thoroughly and quickly. Your clothes will be clean and ready for you within one working day at most.

Korting voor vaste klanten
with Puur Dry Cleaner's free loyalty card you will receive discountsof up to 25% on our cleaning services.

Puur Dry Cleaner's specialises in suede and leather cleaning

Curtain and carpet cleaning

You can use our collection and delivery service for the cleaning of your curtains and carpets. This saves you a lot of carrying.

Have your clothes and curtains steamed at Puur Dry Cleaner’s in Amsterdam Buitenveldert

Sheet sets and duvets

Fresh bed linen. Who doesn’t love that? Bring your sheets and duvets to our dry cleaner’s. You’ll get them back washed, ironed and folded. Lovely.

Puur Dry Cleaner’s will make your clothes clean and fresh once again

Suede and leather cleaning

Suede and leather garments require careful cleaning. They are delicate materials that cannot be cleaned by conventional means. Puur Dry Cleaner's knows what to do.

Stain on your suit? Use the express service of Puur Dry Cleaner’s in Buitenveldert

Clothing repairs

No stains on your clothing, but a tear or missing buttons? You can also bring your garment to Puur Dry Cleaner’s in such cases. Our seamstresses will repair it for you.

Puur Dry Cleaner’s is an affordable dry cleaner’s in Amsterdam Buitenveldert

Laundry service

If you (temporarily) have no washing machine at your disposal, then you can have us wash all your laundry. You can choose to bring it to us or have us collect it.