Answers and tips on stains from Puur Dry Cleaners

At our dry cleaners, we frequently get questions about our services and about the cleaning of specific stains. We are happy to provide you with tips on stains you can use yourself - at your own risk. We’ve collected the most frequently asked questions for you. Don’t see your question? Contact the dry cleaners or pay us a visit in Amsterdam Buitenveldert.


Chemical cleaning? That sounds quite environmentally unfriendly.

We understand why this may seem that way, but it’s not true. Puur Dry Cleaner’s is an environmentally-friendly dry cleaner’s. We do not use chemicals but only biodegradable cleaning products. We clean your dry-cleaning in an environmentally friendly way.


Is cleaning all that you do?

No, in addition to cleaning your clothes, we also offer other services:

  • we make clothing water-repellent (impregnation)
  • we press trousers
  • we iron shirts
  • we do clothing repairs

We have specialised seamstresses at hand for your fabric care and clothing repair needs. A new zipper? A moth hole? Need a tear repaired? Need an alteration to your dress? No problem. We will repair your clothing so you can wear it again.


I have a beautiful leather jacket. Can you dry clean it?

We clean leather and suede. Besides cleaning, we brush the suede, as a result of which the colour is restored. In addition to cleaning, leather clothes are treated against drying out. The leather will shine again.


Do you only dry clean clothing?

No, we dry clean much more than just clothing. We also dry clean bedroom textiles like bed sheets, comforters, pillowcases and soft furnishings. This includes things like curtains and carpets, as well as the lining of your sofa. If you are unable to bring the material to us, you can make an appointment with us to pay you a visit for cleaning on site.



Please note: apply these tips at your own risk. We encourage you to pay us a visit just to be safe, especially for delicate fabrics. We'll see whether we have a solution for your specific situation.

I work on the Amsterdam Zuidas, are you easy to reach?

Definitely. You can park directly in front less than 5 minutes away from the Zuidas. We are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 19:00 and Saturdays from 9:00 to 17:00. 


What kind of stains do you clean?

We can remove many types of stains. For example, a bloodstain on your white blouse and an ink stain on your trousers or suit jacket. We will save your garment.


Can you clean clothes for special occasions?

Of course. Some garments are difficult or even impossible to clean yourself. For example, we can clean your suit (including tie), tuxedo, dress suit and even your wedding dress. In this way, all your garments can go in the closet perfectly clean.


I don’t understand the washing instructions of my clothes. Can you help?

Clothing is always labelled with a wide range of washing symbols. We can imagine that you are not always sure what some washing symbols stand for. If you are unfamiliar with a symbol or are unsure about its meaning, let us know. We're happy to help.


Please note: apply these tips at your own risk. We encourage you to pay us a visit just to be safe, especially for delicate fabrics. We'll see whether we have a solution for your specific situation.

Blood stain
A well-known trick for blood stains is to dab the stain with milk. Another common tip is to soak the spot for some time in cold soda water. Do not clean the blood stain with hot water. This promotes the coagulation process of the blood, as a result of which the stain can harden.

Wine stain
It is important to act quickly with a wine stain. Do not give the wine the opportunity to attach to the fabric. With a red wine stain it may help to throw white wine over it immediately. If you only have a very nice bottle of white wine open, it might be a better idea to pour white wine vinegar on the stain. If you spill red wine on your tablecloth, place a newspaper under the stain and sprinkle the stain with a lot of salt. The salt will absorb a large part of the wine from the tablecloth.

Ink stain
Milk may also be a solution with ink stains. Troublesome ink stains can also be treated with good old ox gall soap. Briefly brush it in with an old toothbrush.

Grease stain
Sprinkle the stain with cornstarch and then gently rub it in with a little water. Leave it on the stain for a little while and you can subsequently brush off the stain with the cornstarch. Another tip is to mix washing up liquid with sugar and rub it into the stain with an old toothbrush. With stubborn stains you can also add a little ammonia.

Oil stain
Washing up liquid sometimes works in the event of an oil stain. Leave the washing up liquid to soak in for a bit and then place it in the washing machine. Sprinkling the stain with a little salt is another potential solution.

Grease spot
Fresh stains can sometimes be removed with baby wipes. Washing up liquid may also be of help. Leave it to soak in for a bit and then place it in the washing machine. 

Still not clean?
If you are unable to clean your clothes despite these tips, bring your garment to our dry cleaners. With our specialised fabric cleaning we can save most garments.


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