Puur Dry Cleaners: good for the environment and your wallet

At Puur Dry Cleaners we clean your clothing with the utmost care. We prove that a good dry cleaning service need not be expensive with our competitive rates.

Dry cleaning rates

Trousers€ 10,45
Suit jacket€ 12,20
Suit€ 22,65
Skirt€ 10,20
Pleated skirt, from€ 11,50
Cardigan, jumper, sweater€ 8,85
Shirt€ 5,95
Blouse€ 9,25
Tie€ 9,-
Dress, from€ 14,50
Evening gown, from€ 22,25
Coat, from€ 19,-
Raincoat, from€ 19,-
Windbreaker thin, from€ 16,95
Windbreaker thick, from€ 22,45


Complete list

View our extensive price list for the complete list of services, including the discount you get with our loyalty card. Or contact us for more information.


Synthetic or wool duvet

Single duvet synthetic€ 21,-
Double duvet synthetic€ 32,-
Twin duvet synthetic€ 42,-


Down duvet

Single duvet€ 24,-
Double duvet€ 35,-
Twin duvet€ 45,-



Curtains per square metre€ 6,40
Lace curtains per square metre€ 5,50
Velvet curtains per square metre€ 8,-
Lined curtains per square metre€ 7,50


Laundry service

Duvet cover€ 5,40
Fitted sheet€ 4,-
Pillow case€ 3,-
Sheet€ 4,-
Tablecloth normal€ 9,-
Napkin€ 2,55
Flannel€ 5,15


With our free loyalty card, you’ll get extra discounts on the rates listed. This can amount to as much as 25%, depending on the amount put on the card.

Deposit    € 50,-   get     10%     discount
Deposit    € 100,- get     15%     discount
Deposit    € 150,- get     20%     discount
Deposit    € 200,- get     25%     discount

Prices subject to change and valid in 2020